Why Get Married In Bali? – Part 2



If you have romanticizing to get married in this exotic paradise after reading the beauty of married in Bali, then let us help you first with the clues of the following details that you need to know before landing the proposal.

How Much Does It Cost?

With all the wedding options available and the attractive packages offered by hotels and resorts in Bali, the reasons to get married here continue to increase. The prices for weddings vary greatly. All those options available have been designed to fit all types of budget ranges. These options come complete with details on catering, live entertainment, general decor and additions such as romantic dining offers and a honeymoon spa treatment.

Teams of onsite wedding specialists will be ready to provide suggestions and customize the options available specifically for you; from a small private wedding with guests who will not be staying, costing around 250 USD – 500 USD only, to a more extravagant setup in a five-star hotel that comes with all the goodies of a five star hotel at a cost of about 10,000 USD.

What kind of Theme and What Ritual Ceremony?

Western Themed Weddings in Bali

Western-styled weddings in Bali are offered by most of the five star resorts and hotels here, all with a selection of well-tailored venues. A celebrant who isn’t necessarily an official priest normally presides over these ceremonies, but upon request you can get the official priest. Majestic chapels make the main venue for these resort weddings.

Other than the dedicated chapels, there are other setups that range from the indoor ballroom to the exotic outdoor locations like cliff top edges, beachfronts and the floral lined aisles in front of a leafy forest.


married in bali with western theme


Catholic Ritual Weddings in Bali

The Catholic Church of Indonesia does not allow weddings to be conducted outside the church. Visiting couples from other parts of the world are often required to register, fill some paperwork and get a priest and a civil celebrant to officiate at the marriage ceremony in a catholic church. Divorcees are also prohibited from remarrying by the Catholic Church.

Those two are the most requested theme and style of wedding in Bali, but if your wish to have another theme and another religious ritual ceremony, such as Hindu, Muslim or Budha, of course it is very possible. Just contact your wedding planner, and they will help you to go through with the things to do and give you the budget information.


How about the Legality Issues?

Wedding planners in Bali will assist you with the legal paperwork revolving around marriages. Your first stop though should be at consulate offices where you will be assisted to obtain a Letter of No Impediment to marriage. This letter is meant to officially show that you are not already in another marriage and are therefore free to get married.

Being a religious country, the laws of Indonesia only recognize a legit marriage if it is carried out in accordance to guidelines from the religions of both the bride and groom. The law also applies an age restriction to marriage which is set at 16 years for women and 19 years for men.


married in bali-legality issues


Muslim marriages will be registered at an office for Islamic religious affairs called ‘KUA’. Buddhist, Hindu, Catholic and Christian-Protestant marriages are recognized by the Indonesian Civil Registry Office, also known as ‘Kantor Pencatatan Sipil’. To be legally registered, couples must be from the same faith or religion. The office then gives out a ‘Notice of Intention to Marry’.

As soon as all the paperwork is done, you can always go ahead with your wedding ceremony. There is a 10 day wait for the marriage certificates and your embassy can assist with the legal recognition of your Bali wedding back at home.




Bali Exclusive Wedding

This article is only a glimpse of the abundant information out there. But we do hope it is enough to give you the small picture of what you can have and get, and what you should prepare and concern for getting married in Bali.

If you need more information or assistance to make your exotic Bali wedding wish comes true, then please let us now with contacting us here, or just write a comment below. Let’s get married in Bali!



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