Why Get Married in Bali? – Part 1



People searching for a romantic and visibly exotic place to get married in always give one answer to this question. Bali!


get married in bali


Why Bali?

Bali remains a top choice for many people who have found their soul mates and now want nothing else apart from tying the knot on the world’s best island destination. Bali will spoil you with choice from five-star resorts; all providing a fine range of dedicated wedding venues to select from. Even as most of these cater to western themed weddings, you can decide on getting married in the full Balinese way, complete with a Balinese priest and the traditional costumes.

What is So Special about Bali?

With such breathtaking backdrops, it is rather obvious why any couple wanting to tie the knot should choose Bali. It is a known fact that the resorts and hotels here have made really good use of this fine location and all its features. It doesn’t matter whether it is at the beachfront or in the middle of the highlands, any place you choose will certainly be memorable for you.




The resorts and hotels offer specially designed packages that differ from one place to another, hence providing the choice to celebrate your special day just the way you want. The dedicated wedding venues come with chapels and the customizable outdoor setups that let you make the most out of the stunning backgrounds.

When is the Best time to Tie the Knot in Bali?

If you are not planning for a ballroom wedding ceremony or some other indoor venue, then you may consider making plans for the months between May and August. This is the time when humidity is low, temperatures between 26-27o C, the breezes cooler and the skies clear. You can definitely enjoy the pleasant outdoors at this time, plus it will be perfect for the photo sessions.


married in bali


If you want to get married in the morning hours, the morning weddings usually take place between 10 am and noon. If you wish to catch the dramatic sunset during your wedding, then arrange for the event to be inside the hour of 6 pm. Keep in mind that being a monsoonal climate, the weather can sometimes be unpredictable and rain will be a possibility. But then again, raining during a wedding day is considered to be a sign of good luck in some cultures.


Bali Exclusive Wedding

It is your choice whether you want to have the full legal wedding ceremony, a vow renewal occasion or just perhaps a simple fun follow up ceremony to the wedding that you have already done in your home country. Here in Bali, our Bali Exclusive Wedding work is only to facilitate and provide you with everything that you need to make that special day happen in Bali: from the pertinent legal issues, exotic venue picks, detailed dress selections to the tasty dining choices. So please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


Led by Managing Director Stacey Hannah, Bali Exclusive Wedding is recognized as Bali’s top wedding planning and consulting service. Stacey has spent many years in Bali looking after the finest Villa weddings that Bali has to offer. His experience and commitment make him a great person to seek out if you are looking to get married in Bali.

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