Treat Your Guests with Welcome Bags for Destination Weddings



Getting married is a major deal in anyone’s books. While a lot of people are happy to have a wedding somewhere close to home, there are some of us who prefer the exotic route of having a destination wedding.

If this sounds like you, it might have occurred to you that you will not be able to greet all of your guests at the airport when they arrive. With that in mind, treating them to a welcome bag upon arrival is a great idea.

What to Include in The Goodie Bag?

Here are a few suggestions about what to include in these welcome bags.

welcome bag for wedding

Contact Information

Let your guests know how to get a hold of key contact people such as family members and your wedding planner. Also, include the contact number for their accommodation. Omit your contact details as most people may not be comfortable reaching you since you will have enough to think about as it is.

A Welcome Letter

Thank your guests for coming all the way to spend your wedding with you. If you can, rather make it personal as opposed to mass printing a stack of generic welcome notes. This way, your guests will feel valued and welcome.

Map of the Area

Ask your hotel for a reliable map of the area as most of your guests will not be very familiar with the place. Avoid printing one off the web unless it has been posted by a reliable source like the local chamber of commerce or tourism bureau.

A List of Restaurants

If you know what your guests like eating, include these restaurants. Otherwise, a list with a general review or rating from a website like TripAdvisor will go a long way when it comes to making the trip and wedding the most enjoyable experience possible.

A List of Activities

With that in mind, you may not be with your guests all of the time so include a list of sights and activities that they can enjoy while there. If you have allowed children at your wedding, make sure the activities are family friendly. You should be able to find the relevant information at your hotel or with the tourism bureau.

Some Essentials

Think of what your guests will need upon arrival. Items like sunscreen and a pair of flip flops will go a long way in making their stay more enjoyable. Bottled water and disposable cameras are always welcome as well.

Hand Your Guest With Memorable Welcome Bags!

Sometimes, you have many things to prepare your wedding until you can’t greet your guests one by one. But that doesn’t mean you can welcome them with a nice and memorable bag to make your wedding even more meaningful.

If you have other ideas about what we should put into welcome bags for our guest, please let us know.


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