How do you Brace Yourself for Unexpected Wedding Weather – Part 2



As you may all know, outdoor weddings are the most preferred kind of weddings. However, they can pose quite a challenge when you start thinking of unexpected weather changes.

Tips for Outdoor Events



The following tips will guide you through when decorating for outdoor events in preparation for weather surprises:

  • Your guests will be comfortable during the event as they will be informed in advance of what to wear to suit a certain venue.
  • Ensure that your décor is weather resistant and will adapt to different weather changes.
  • Treat your guests to little goodies which will ensure they are comfortable during any weather, e.g. sunscreen or mini-fans for the sun or umbrellas for the rain.
  • Prepare for power cuts during bad weather conditions. Therefore, have a back-up generator for your wedding.
  • Discuss logistics with your wedding planner in case guests are not able to access the venue due to rain or snow.

The Importance of Planning for an Unexpected Wedding Weather

Bad weather can be a big threat to any wedding. However, preparations matter and you can see to it that neither snow, heat nor rain will prevent the bliss that comes with this day. The following tips are important in demonstrating just how important it is to be prepared for bad weather on your wedding day:

Wardrobe Adjustment

A prepared bride never has to worry about her wardrobe adjustments to suit the weather as she will have this already planned out. You want to have a plan in case your dress soaks up.

Long Distance Guests

Ensure that your guests are priority especially because some of them might have come from far. This is because they may not be aware of the different weather changes and may not have come prepared. Preparing yourself automatically ensures preparing your guests.

Turn Bad Weather into Magical Moments

Embrace the opportunity of the present weather to capture the most magical moments of your wedding. You might be surprised by the amazing photo backdrops the ‘bad’ weather provides.
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The Right Venue

Planning for unexpected weather ensures that you have a venue which suits the various weather challenges you plan for, and also a venue which resonates with what you have planned for your wedding day.

Start Planning Earlier

Ensure that you allocate enough time for your planning. This is because you want to avoid stress and last minute planning for various things which will cater to the weather you are planning for. Therefore, start putting together a list of all the anticipated weather conditions together with their corresponding plans. This takes time and it is best to start early.

Make Everything is Ready

These days, our earth climate is so much changing that it will have a big affect on the weather, and your wedding day weather.

Instead of hassling around on the day that will make you can not enjoy your celebration day of love, I bet you want to prepare yourself ready to whatever the situation of the weather later.  And hopefully the part-1 and part-2 of this article would be able to help you preparing yourself facing unexpected weather that might happen.

If you have any experience with bad weather wedding, or just want to share with us some other tips that might useful for other brides and grooms, we will be very happy to see some comments below.


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