How do you Brace Yourself for Unexpected Wedding Weather – Part 1



Planning a wedding is tiring and fun! However, as one plans for the big day, it is important that you cater to every detail possible to make this day a success.

It is quite common and easy to overlook the critical essence of planning for a plan B in case your initial plan does not take off accordingly.

The added stress of thinking of what could go wrong on your much anticipated day should be a motivator to plan for an alternative option for your own peace of mind.

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Prepare for unexpected wedding weather

There are many factors that could lead to planning for an alternative option, but the one factor that keeps everybody on the edge of their seats during planning for a wedding is the weather and the possibility of having unexpected wedding weather.

Below are some useful tips to think about when mapping out an alternative plan for your wedding day:

Think about the impact

Think about how the unexpected weather will impact the ceremony, parking space, reception area and other logistics. For example, if the skies are dark and cloudy, having tent walls would be a brilliant idea.

Take professional advice

Consult a professional for advice on how to keep your guests comfortable in case of rain, cold or snow. You can rent out some key items such as fans and heaters should you need them.

Such professionals also advice you based on the weddings they have previously attended or planned for which had similar weather challenges. They would be your best bet to advice on how to easily navigate such challenges.

Cooperate with the key player

Once you have plan B set out, identify a person who is a key player in your wedding to assist with enacting this plan. This is because you will be already occupied enacting plan A.

prepare yourself for unexpected wedding weather

Make an equally good plan B

Ensure that your plan B is as good and beautiful as your plan A. This is important especially for the bride so that they enjoy the day with plan B as much as they should have had with plan A, should they have to.

Don’t let it ruin your wedding

Ensure that you stay focused on the goal of marrying the love of your life no matter which plan you will end up executing. No amount of rain, snow or heat waves, should bar you from having the time of your life by ruining the intended purpose of the day.

Prepare your wedding well

Anything can happen on our wedding day, either it’s expected or not. We need to prepare plan A and plan B quite well in order to make sure that nothing will ruin your celebration of love.

If you have more tips about wedding preparation to anticipate unexpected weather, please let us know.


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