Do you really need a wedding video?


Do you really need a wedding video?

Your wedding photos, as beautiful as they may be, are stills – but a motion picture of your ceremony is something else entirely and very special.

Whenever you are in the mood after your celebration, you can watch yourself on your wedding day in all your glory, interacting with your friends and family all over again; having a video taken of your wedding has many advantages!

Nevertheless, some couples aren’t quite sure if they need a professional videographer to document the ceremony. It might not fit into everyone’s budget, but there are several good reasons to hire someone to do the job.

Reasons to have a Wedding Video

It’s for the future!

Photography is always a good way to capture moments, but don’t you want your children, grand kids or friends on your 30th anniversary to see how the day was really like? High quality videos have the power to bring people back to these moments.

You’ll get a long and a short version.

Most wedding videographers will offer long and short versions of your videos, so you don’t have to make everyone sit through hours of footage every time you want to show them how your wedding was like. You will receive a well edited short version with the most important highlights of your big day that you can share with anyone you like.

Your Wedding Day goes by so fast!

Most people will regret not having their wedding filmed, because they feel like they have been organizing it for ages, and then the whole day goes by so quickly! With a good wedding video you will get the chance to re-live the day over and over again and keep your memory fresh.

You will get the messages.

With a wedding video, your friends and family get the chance to capture some meaningful words and wishes for you on camera. This is especially great if you’re celebrating a big wedding and you only get to spend a couple of minutes with each guest.

You make the choice

Choosing the right videographer is as simple as deciding if you like a certain movie or not. Simply watch some sample videos, and you will see if you like the quality, style and editing of the creator. Usually you can also choose from different packages to fit the video your budget and needs.

If you need some advice about your wedding video then contact us, we are here to help.


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