Questions to Ask for Better Wedding Planning


You’re engaged! Congratulations.

Planning a wedding for many couples can be a great experience that brings them even closer together. For other couples, the planning process may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Questions to answer when you get engaged

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1. When do you want to get married?

Deciding on your wedding date sets a time limit to everything else. With a clear date in mind, you can come up with a timeline for planning. It’s important to decide on the date together.

Coming up with the right date has a lot to do with your other day to day activities including work and leisure.

If your fiancé, for example, loves to watch football, having a wedding in the fall may result in conflicts with some big games. You fiancé won’t be very happy about this.

2. Are there dates that you should avoid?

Are there special family functions on specific dates that you should avoid such as memorials, anniversaries or religious holidays? You may also want to consider the time of year for which you are setting your date.

Holiday weekends for example may mean higher rates for venues and hotels. Check your calendar and consult with your fiancé to get the best date.

3. How will you pay for the wedding?

This is a major detail in the planning for your wedding as it determines the actual budget available for spending. Paying for your own wedding as a couple is a great way to ensure more control over many of the decisions that will be made in planning the big day.

Parents and other family members may offer to help you pay for the big day even if you insist on paying for it yourselves. This may help to cover any additional or unforeseen expenses.

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Traditionally, the brides’ family would pay for the wedding. However, the groom’s family may also offer to pay for the wedding. If your parents are paying for the wedding, they will have to be consulted on the various aspects of the wedding.

Regardless of who is paying for the wedding, ensure that you know exactly how much money is coming in and how much is being spent at all times.

Plan Your Wedding Wisely

Disagreements are a common part of planning for the biggest day of both your lives. However, ensuring that you’re on the same page for the things that really matter is a great way to minimize arguments and ensure the best results from all the wedding planning. You can start by answering these questions.

If you know more questions that need to be answered to plan a wedding, please share with us.


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