Four ways to make the most of your Wedding Photographer


A photo is worth more than a 1000 words, or something like that.

Regardless of how many words it is, looking back at your wedding photos from your wedding in Bali will be something you do many times, and many years from now. Don’t you think it’s a good idea to get them right? After all, you don’t have the chance to do them again if they don’t turn out well.

Some people make the mistake to just let their wedding photographer get on with things and hope for the best. Perhaps there is a better way that can help you make the most of your wedding photographer….

Making the most of your Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographers are there to make your bali wedding perfect

When the wedding and the celebration is over, your photographs will remind you of the good times and last forever. You can pass them on to your children and future generations. That’s the reason why many people spend a large percentage of their wedding budget on the photos.

To make sure that they come out well think about these four ways to make the most of your wedding photographer.

Do your research!

There are millions of examples of wedding photos out there. Google “wedding photos” and you will see so many examples come up that can give you some really good ideas of the types of shots you want from your big day. You can see there are many forms of photos from the traditional family photos to more unique and creative styles. What suits you will not necessarily be what suits everyone else but you are the boss on your wedding day; get the photos you want!

Start early and buffer the schedule

Begin your wedding day as early as you can to stay relaxed throughout and collect as many memories as possible. The earlier you are dressed and ready to go, the more good photos can be taken. Starting out early also gives you some time to deal with potential scheduling issues. There will always be something unexpected coming up, that will cause some rearrangement in your plans. If you have some additional time, you will stay calm and be in a much better place when the photos are taken.

Snap shots or formal?

Whilst you are definitely going to want those formal shots of you and your loved one looking their finest, perhaps you may also like your wedding photographer to get some more casual shots. You can ask them to take photos as you get ready for the wedding, getting dressed, doing your makeup, and other things like that. Perhaps you want snap shots as the guests arrive at the venue being met by the grooms party. If you choose the right photographer then they will be happy to take extra shots for you.

Don’t forget the Bride & Groom

Wedding days can be really hectic, that’s for sure, so good planning is essential. Whilst you will have many friends and family looking to get into those precious wedding photos make sure that your wedding photographer gives you and your partner some quality private time.

In many of the beautiful villas we use here in Bali you will find some really quiet locations tucked away where you can both get some romantic shots. You can easily find a nice spot on the beach with no one disturbing you, and afterwards you can just mingle back into the crowd and continue with the big day.

Get the best wedding photos in Bali

The Wedding day belongs to you

Always keep in mind that you want to have your wedding day just the way you want it. talk with your photographer before the day arrives and plan out what you want and what you expect from them. Quite often people have unrealistic expectations so talking beforehand will help you to understand this.

Wedding photographers business success rely a lot on getting recommendations from their clients so it is in their interest to make the day work for you. And if they do a great job for you, then don’t forget to tell your friends and family.

Did you get married recently? If you have some great ideas for unique wedding photos then we would love to hear about them.

You can always comment below or send us an email with those ideas.


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