10 Tips Every Bride Should Know Before Saying Yes to the Wedding Dress



Your dress is the centerpiece of the wedding. It’s your chance to look like a princess. But dress shopping is an art in itself.

Follow these 10 tips before saying yes to any dress.

Tips to Choose Wedding Dress

wedding dress tips

1. Shopping is a Marathon

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Make sure your shopping trip isn’t the only shopping trip. Take your time. Finding the right dress is a marathon not a sprint. We recommend starting at least nine months in advance at the beginning of your wedding. It sounds like a long time, but you have to remember that sometimes the shop needs time to make alterations.

2. Fit Not Size

Ignore anything to do with size. Designers all have different sizes for their dresses. Focus on what your dress is like when it comes to fit. Does it feel comfortable? You’ll have to maneuver in it for hours on the day of your wedding.

3. Do Your Research

Don’t go into your shopping trip blind. Think about what style you want and what color you want. This will give you a better idea of where to go and which designers to look at. It will also reduce the amount of time you spend trying on garments.

4. Stick to the Code

Is your wedding a formal event or a beach wedding?
You set the rules of your wedding and thus your dress has to stick to that code. You shouldn’t pick up something fit for a queen if you’re going to be walking barefoot across blazing hot sands in the Seychelles.

There’s no reason why you can’t change your wedding’s dress code, of course, but it’s bad etiquette to do this too close to the wedding. Plus it’s a lot of hassle!

5. Plan Ahead

Try to wear strapless bras and nude-colored underwear alongside shoes roughly the same height of those you’ll wear on the big day. This will give you the most accurate results.

wedding dress guidance

6. Know Your Budget

Don’t get attached to any dress you know you can’t afford. It happens all the time. A bride-to-be falls in love with a dress that costs a few thousand dollars and they leave disappointed because it doesn’t fall within their budget.

7. Be Open to Different Styles?

Try to be a tad daring. Consider some extra styles. A dress can look entirely different when it’s actually on the bride. You may think something doesn’t fit your figure, but as soon as you see it in the flesh there’s a chance you’ll fall in love with it.

8. What about Accessories?

Think about what accessories are going to go with your dress. If you already have a beautiful brooch, consider whether it fits in with your chosen dress.

This depends on whether you choose your accessories before or after the dress. Some brides demand that certain accessories be worn no matter what.

9. Go with Your Gut

If your heart is telling you to go with another dress, listen to it. It’s nearly always right. And ultimately, it’s about how you feel about a dress. It doesn’t matter how good a dress looks if you’re not entirely happy with it.

10. Share Your Find

Get a second opinion. You can’t always look at yourself through a pair of honest eyes. On the other hand, a friend or family member can. Enlist them. We recommend choosing someone who’s brutally honest.

Don’t Settle

The final piece of advice we would give to any bride is to never settle. You should start your search as early as possible and only say yes when you’re absolutely sure you’ve fallen in love with your dress.


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