Tips to Choose Wedding Dress Accessories Part 2



This is part two of the previous article on choosing wedding dress accessories.

When choosing accessories to complement your wedding gown, you may be spoilt for choice because a gown is not your everyday fashion item. Here are some quick tips to help you select the right accessories that will make you stand out on your big day.

The Right Wedding Dress Accessories

wedding dress accessories tips

Think beyond earrings

Although most brides often consider earrings to be a perfect way of accessorizing the dress, there are many more options that include a sash and belt. These not only complement your gown, but also go a long way in creating an illusion of curves.

The fact that the dress does not come with these accessories doesn’t mean it will not look fashionable when you add them. In fact, it is a great and inexpensive way of customizing your dress while also giving it an upgrade. Most importantly, ensure that you go for a waist clincher that is appropriate for your body shape.

For instance, if you have a short torso, then you will need a thin belt while a longer torso will do well with a wider belt. If you have a petite frame, a V-shape belt will elongate your body while an embellished belt will flatter an apple shape body.

Top it off

If you are not into veils, then you need to pay attention to your hairstyle before you choose your accessories. Overall, there are numerous options when it comes to accessorizing your dress from fascinators to combs among other things.

Your hair type also determines the choice of accessories. For instance, dainty accessories do well with fine hair while loose locks are best accessorized with a flower crown. Whatever accessory you pick must be secure enough when you move around.

tipd to choose wedding dress accessories

Ensure you get comfortable shoes

A perfectly fitting shoe will sure set off your look and your wedding day is no exception. Remember that you will be standing for most of the day so you do not want to end up cringing in pain while you are on the dance floor as this can affect your mood.

Be sure you get the best fit. Always go for a heel that is not too high to move around in and is comfortable enough on when you’re on your feet in terms of stability. The material from which the shoes are made is also worth considering. Natural materials tend to be more comfortable than synthetics.

You can also consider wearing your shoes around the house ahead of your big day as this will help you identify areas potentially prone to blisters. For proper comfort of your shoes, consider getting gel insoles, moleskin, strap stickers or heel grips.

Whatever works best for you. You may also go for wax, cream or spray to prevent inflammation.

Happy Searching

Finding the right wedding dress accessories is not easy. You need to consider some points above in order to select the best accessories for your wedding dress. The perfect wedding dress accessories will give you elegant and stunning look.

If you have more tips to choose the best wedding dress accessories, please share with us.


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