Tips to Choose Wedding Dress Accessories Part 1



Although your wedding dress may be the biggest element of style for your big day, it is not enough as you will need to choose accessories that complement it perfectly.

Ultimately, your choice of accessories could either break or make your dream gown. Thus, it is important to ensure you settle for the right accessories that will give you the right finishing touches.

Things to Be Considered When Choosing Wedding Dress Accessories

Here are 9 tips to consider when choosing your wedding dress accessories:

wedding dress accessories

Choose your metals carefully

Your choice of metals is crucial in bringing out the beauty of your dress. Even more importantly, you need to know how different metals blend with certain colors. For instance, a pure white dress is best accessorized with accents of pearl, platinum of silver. Gold tends to clash with the brighter white hues.

On the other hand, an ivory gown is best accessorized with gold that complements the fabric’s creamy tint. On the other hand, an off-white gown may be accessorized with rose gold, yellow gold, pearls or silver. For wedding dresses that already have beadwork embellishments, the color of the beads will dictate your choice of accessories.

Accessorize in moderation

The golden rule for accessorizing your wedding dress is ‘less is more’. That is, you mustn’t have all the accessories you can think of from a tiara to the veil, necklace, earrings and sash. Keep in mind that accessories only serve to enhance your look and give your dress a unique touch.

To avoid overdoing it, always begin by taking stock of the features of your gown that stand out before setting out to shop for accessories. Let these features be the basis of your decisions.

Drop earrings complement dresses withan ornate neckline better than necklaces while simple styled gowns require a fascinator or bold statement necklace. Overall, your hairstyle should determine the kind of earrings that you will wear.

tips to choose wedding dress accessories

Small studs will work well when you are leaving hair over the ears while a dramatic pair of dangling chandelier earrings will do for an up-do. Most importantly, the design of your earrings should not be similar to the design of the embellishments on your dress as it will be too matchy-matchy.

Embrace your style

Your wedding day is not the day for you to stray from your style. In fact, you will do well to stick to your style while making sure that you are feeling beautiful and comfortable.

Be Careful!

the way you accessorize your dress determines how well you will look on your big day. Therefore, be sure to select your accessories carefully for that elegant and stunning look.

If you know more tips to choose perfect accessories for a wedding dress, please share with us.


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