How to Find the Right Wedding Company in Bali


Bali is considered a paradise for relaxation and leisure, a factor that has seen it stand out as a leading location for destination weddings. Even then, the romantic and beautiful locations are not all it takes to successfully plan your destination wedding.

There are several other factors that you must take into consideration and the best way to achieve this is working with a wedding company in Bali. So, how do you find the right wedding company in Bali that will help you execute your dream wedding?

Wedding Company in Bali

Choosing the Right Wedding Company

Whether you are interested in an all-inclusive wedding package, a deluxe package or an inexpensive wedding, it is important to ask appropriate questions about the planner. Here are some steps to choosing the right wedding company in Bali:

Shop around and Shortlist
This is the first and most important step. There are many wedding company service providers all of whom promise to offer the best service. However, the truth is that these companies are not all the same thus you need to do a background check of the companies before settling on one that you will work with.

Consider the Price
Having a variety of service providers to choose from means that you can choose a provider whose cost of service fits within your budget. Even then, your decision should not be based on the cost alone. As a matter of fact, making your choice on the basis of the price only may mean committing to poor service and consequently a ruined day.

Check that the company is set up legally
It is important to establish whether the company that you are interested in is legally registered from the onset. This will save you the stress of having to postpone your wedding as is often the case when illegal wedding companies disappear with their clients’ money. Be sure to get the company’s local telephone number as well as office address. Most importantly, the company must be a member of the Bali Wedding Association complete with the association’s badge that is usually on their website. This is because for a company to belong to this association they must prove that they exist legally and provide supporting documents.

Check the company’s understanding of Bali
The importance of working with a wedding company that understands just about every aspect of Bali from the legal to the social aspects cannot be overemphasized. You will do well to engage a company that has in depth understanding of the various locations as well as the regulations that govern the wedding industry and other relevant sectors in Bali.

Legally binding agreement/compensation
Legitimizing your engagement with the wedding company through a binding agreement/contract is also important. This will enable you hold the company accountable in case things do not go as agreed.

Ask/look for testimonials
Hearing the experiences/endorsements from clients that have previously worked with a wedding company you are interested in will go a long way in helping you make an informed decision. Testimonials can be found on the company’s website, wedding company review websites, social media sites or referrals from people you may know that have engaged the company before.

In conclusion, choosing the right wedding company in Bali is no mean feat as you will have to consider a couple of factors such as those discussed in the article before making the final decision.


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