8 Things I Wish I Knew Before My Wedding



There’s a first time for everything, even for planning your wedding. Only in this case, the first time is the only chance you get, so you better do it right.

Things You need to Realize Earlier Before Wedding

Here are 8 things I realized only too late. Keep them in mind and you will have a great day:

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1. The Fiancé Might Not Always Seem As Interested As the Fiancée

While it might seem like the fiancé is not as interested as the fiancée, this is not usually the case. He is often as anxious as she is. He just needs something to do; something that he will enjoy doing as part of the planning. If he is a foodie, let him work on that. If he loves music, let him create the playlist for the day.

2. Recruiting a Coordinator is Not Only Great, but Also Important

Maybe you want to DIY everything to ensure “nothing goes wrong”. That is perfectly understandable. However, you need to have someone to help you on that day in ensuring everything goes as planned. This not only relaxes you, but also gives you a chance to experience all the best moments.

3. It’s Mostly about the Two of You – Have Some Alone-Time

Most people tend to forget why the wedding is happening in the first place. It’s about the bride and the groom. Make some time – no matter how little – to just be alone and cherish that moment.

4. What’s the Back-up Plan?

As much as we would want our wedding day to be beautiful and sunny, there is always the “Mother Nature” factor to consider. Have an alternative venue just in case a change in weather messes up the Plan A.

5. Consider the Law

Do you plan to have alcohol at the wedding? How high or low should you keep the music? Ensure all this is taken care of by acquiring the necessary permits.

6. Venue Follows Guest-List

Do not settle on a venue until you are certain about the number of guests you expect. Mismatching the venue size and the guest-list could ruin everything.

7. Budget for Alteration on the Wedding Dress

Before you settle on that dress, ask about alteration estimate. Consider that extra cost. The bridal consultant could help.

8. Maximize the Resources Allocated to Your Photographer

The whole day is one big important moment. It should be captured as it is – whole. However, you don’t need to stretch your budget just to accommodate a full-day package – which may be too expensive. Consider altering the program so you capture all the important moments.

Plan Your Wedding Well

Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life. It is important to plan it well to reduce mishaps and maximize on the moment.

If you have any idea or experience related to things that you wish you knew before your wedding, then please let us know.


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