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Marriage is a blessing and getting married to the love of your life is double blessings. When you get engaged, everyone is excited, family and friends. Ecstatically, everyone would want to hear all the details right from the engagement to the big day.

The unusual part of this excitement is; who do you get to invite and who will not be invited to the big day. You probably have your guest list figured out already.

Everyone has their reasons why they wouldn’t like to have certain people at their wedding. It could be anybody; an old friend, a co-worker, relatives; the point is that they are not in your guest list. It is your special day and you get to decide what you want.

The only difficult part comes when you have to tell them that they won’t be part of that special day, you will therefore need a lot of courage to do this.

So how do you go about that?

The Best Ways to Have a Little Diplomacy

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It might be easy to tell someone that they’re not invited to a party; you’ll have plenty of those in the future, but a wedding?

Then, how do you tell someone you know that they’re not invited to your wedding? If you value your relationship with the people around you, then this is the time where a little diplomacy goes a long way.

A wedding is a special event and you don’t want anyone to feel unimportant. Give yourself a chance to think about the “best ways” to tell someone that they are not invited to your wedding. It’s not easy. Think of something less hurtful, yet understandable. Below are some of the “best ways” to explain to someone that they are not invited to your wedding:

1. Honesty.

As much as we would like to practice some diplomacy let’s agree that we are not the same. And therefore, someone else would feel that sharing her feelings works for them.

In this case, think of someone you have fought with. You might still be in the process of healing and therefore wouldn’t want to relive the incident. It doesn’t necessarily matter how close you were, your feelings matters the most in this case.

2. Tell them it’s a private affair.

It is not all of us that prefer big weddings, others settle for an intimate wedding. Explain that you are planning a small event with family, your in-laws and close friends.

Be careful that you don’t come out as selfish.

3. Budget.

The moment you talk about a budget some people think that you don’t have enough money. But, how much is enough?

So, there’s no need to break down the budget to people. The aim is to explain that you are working on a budget and that not everyone can be accommodated at the wedding.

4. The venue.

Tell them that it accommodates a specific number of people. This automatically makes it impossible to have everyone there.

5. The theme.

This would be a best way to explain to a person who doesn’t enjoy themed events. Tell them how strict you are with the theme and let them know that you wouldn’t want them to feel uncomfortable or restricted.

Here you can suggest that they join you to an upcoming non-themed event. In that way they feel appreciated for who they are.

6. Guest list.

Explain to them that you and your fiancé are each bringing in a certain number for your guest list, in that way invitations are limited.

7. Don’t tell.

This one depends on the type of relationship you have with a person. Chances are that you haven’t spoken in a long time and they probably won’t even pitch.

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Be Wise in Explaining Why Someone isn’t Invited to your Wedding!

Explaining to someone that they are not invited to your wedding would always, somehow, make you feel bad. Therefore, it is important that you find ways and means to reach out to people close to you in that way you keep your relationship alive even after the wedding.

And if you get that invitation to your friend’s wedding, do advise them on best ways to explain to the ones who did not get invited. Because chances are, they would need somebody to guide them.

And if you don’t get the invitation be prepared to receive the best explanation that you would understand without feeling unimportant. However, this does not necessarily mean that they owe you an explanation as to why you are not invited.

The truth of the matter though is that there are always those people who deserve our loyalty. We know that a wedding is a special event that could bring people even closer, therefore we want that same feeling to count to everyone even to those that are not invited.

If you have more tips to explain why someone is not invited on the wedding, please let us know.


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