Self-Realizations While Wedding Planning



Getting married is arguably one of the most important events in your life which is why we all want it to be absolutely perfect. It can also be an extremely stressful time and you are bound to learn a lot about yourself (good and bad).

Some Realizations you’ll Have About Yourself While Wedding Planning

While you get ready for your big day, here are 10 things you will probably learn about yourself.

self realization while wedding planning

1. Napkin Patterns Really Do Matter

Plain, floral, polka dotted? You never realised that there were so many options to choose from! Thankfully, you are the kind of bride who doesn’t mind spending large amounts of time trying to decide what your guests are going to wipe their mouths with.

2. Your Concept of Money Completely Changes

For a very short period of time, you will be spending a lot of cash on things like flowers (that will die in a day) and alterations. Not that you would do this any other time, but these things seem really important right now.

3. You Are Sensitive About Certain Things

The friend who can’t make your bachelorette because her grandma is having her 80th? Why not visit her the next day? The old woman has a birthday every year. You are only getting married once.

4. With That in Mind, You Wish You Had Gone to More of These

Suddenly the above-mentioned friend who has just snubbed you reminds you of when you did the same thing to someone else. Now you are wishing that you hadn’t. It’s a pity it’s too late.

5. You Can Talk to Your Best Friend for Hours on the Phone

A three hour phone call chatting about the intricacies of what she will be wearing? Not a problem. Gossiping about who will or won’t be attending? Easy.

6. Your Phone Bill Skyrockets

Speaking of which, you suddenly spend a lot of time on the phone. Whether it is talking to your mother or arranging those flowers, this gets expensive.

7. You Become an Excel Expert

Even if you have never used the program in your life, you are now a pro. Whether you are using it to arrange your budget or wedding timeline doesn’t matter.

8. You Are Not as Martha Stewart as You Thought

Pinterest is great for ideas. However, actually making these things is a lot harder than you thought. You end up buying/bribing five year olds for these things instead.

9. You Want to Elope

With all of the stress going on, the thought of eloping has crossed your mind several times.

10. Your Friends and Family Are Really Important

With all of the stress and drama, you literally don’t know what you would do without them.

family in the wedding

Know Yourself Better!

During the process of planning a wedding, there are so many things (expected or unexpected) that could happen in your life. Before you move into a new stage of life, it’s better to learn more about yourself. This will ensure your appreciation for those that have always been there to lend a helping hand.

If you have any experience about self-realization that you undergo during wedding planning, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for help.


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