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Making a guest list for your wedding is no easy task; it requires the participation of both partners even as they each handle other preparations. The decision to have or not have kids at your wedding is entirely up to you as a couple. How then do you let your guests know that you are having a no kids wedding?

How to Have a Wedding with No Kids

Here are five rules to go about it.

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1. Say it on your wedding website

An easy way of describing how you want to celebrate your wedding is made possible these days with a wedding website. Use it to let your guests know that you are having an adult-only wedding. If you have guests who have children but still wish to come, you can make arrangements for babysitting services.

2. Ask your parents to help you

It’s always a good idea to call up the people you are inviting and politely inform those with children that yours will be a no kids wedding. If you are unable to do the calling yourself, ask your mom or your mom-in-law to help spread the word that you are having an adults only wedding.

3. Decide on a cut-off age

Imagine if your guests knew of your no kids wedding, only to find out later that you made exceptions for just a few? They will get offended and not take it well that you left out their children. The easier way out is to have a clear age cut-off and strictly allow for no exceptions for children under that age unless maybe for that little ring bearer and the flower girl.

4. Include the guest list on the envelope

If you are sending out enveloped invites to your guests, make it clear who you are inviting. List out the names of those you wish to invite and exclude the names of the children. If a couple that you are inviting has children within and outside the cut-off age, list the names of those children above the age you have decided on, and exclude those below.

5. Do not announce on the invites that you are excluding kids

If you have chosen an adults-only wedding, you have your reasons for it. However, it may not go well with some of your guests who wanted to bring along their kids. To avoid such fuss, do not proclaim on your invitations that you are not inviting kids to your wedding; simply omit them as explained in rule number four.

Be Ready for Your No Kids Wedding!

Having a no kids wedding can be a little bit tricky, so you have to be careful in letting people know about your plan.

If you have other tips that we can use to run a no kids wedding, please let us know.


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