6 Mobile Apps for Planning your Wedding Day


Although getting married is often considered magical, the process of planning the wedding is demanding. This is because it involves making bookings, juggling budgets, getting suppliers, preparing guest lists, sending out invites and preparing playlists, among other things.

While you needed to do this manually a couple of years ago, the introduction of mobile apps has made things a little easier today. Thus, you can plan your wedding smoothly without having to use papers or pens.

mobile apps to plan wedding

Mobile Apps For Planning your Wedding

Here are top 6 go-to mobile apps for planning your wedding day.

1. Countdown+

When you have the actual date for your big day, Countdown+ helps you capture every moment. Use the app to name the event, indicate the date and upload a photo and the countdown will begin. The app allows you to share your countdown with family and friends.

You can use the app to run more than one countdown for other events that may be coming up like dress fittings, bridal shower, cake tasting or even engagement party, among others.

2. Tiffany and Co Ring Finder

This app lets you access catalogues of engagement jewelry by metal, design and shape. The try it on feature lets you gauge how the ring will appear on your potential keeper’s hand by letting you line up and resize the ring to fit in their picture.

The ring sizer is a valuable addition to this tool as it eliminates the hustle of getting the measurement using a tape measure. Most importantly, it eliminates the mystery behind the ring size. Once you have the size right, you can share with friends or even your fiancée so that he does not get it wrong.

3. Lover.ly

This is app lets you shop, search as well as share elements of your dream wedding on the go. You can search for dresses, shoes and chairs that fit into your color scheme.

One of the features of the app, which is quite handy, is the add button that lets you add photos of flower arrangements or even dress ideas you like for sharing with your bridesmaids.

4. Weddy

Weddy is your best friend during the run up to your wedding. Its flat and clean user interface lets you organize and keep track of guests. All you need to get started is enter the names of the groom and bride as well as the names of your guests.

You have various options for every guest, such as updating the invitation status, assigning the seating arrangement, as well as making a note when they give a gift. This is a stress free way to manage absentees as well as attendees, select the event guests are invited to and arrange the seating and even send a thank you note.

5. Wedding Party

This app is a combination of a guestbook and photo album that lets you involve family and friends in your wedding journey. You can use the app to share your wedding ID with guests who can capture all the happy moments and upload them to the app. With this app, you do not need pricey photographers.

6. Wedding 911

This app helps you take care of proper wedding etiquette by letting you ask questions for advice on anything ranging from food to the bridal shower and so much more. There is also the 911 section that offers essential tips when planning and making inquiries before tying the knot.

Other features of the app include budget calculator, checklist as well as vendor directory. In addition, you can include custom to dos. Thus, this app offers guidance from the beginning to the end.

Wedding planning can be simplified by using apps that let you keep track of the various demands that come with it. If you have any other apps that you want to share with us then let us know.


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