How to Create the Perfect Wedding in Bali


When it comes to destination weddings, Bali offers a great place for any couple to get married. From crystal blue waters to white sandy beaches, Bali includes natural decor that allows you to have the perfect outdoor wedding. By allowing the beautiful surroundings to act as your wedding decoration, you can save so much money that you would have spent elsewhere on the same.

There are a few services you will want to include in your wedding to make it the ultimate bash, one you will remember forever. Each moment of your wedding is important, but there are certain things that are essential to having the perfect Bali wedding. Say ‘I Do!’ on your perfect day by ensuring you have these 3 services covered.


Because you chose a destination wedding, you understand that you may not have everyone there to experience it. This being the case, the photographs will be especially important in covering all the details of your wedding.


When hiring a photographer for your Bali wedding, you need to make sure you ask to see a portfolio of previous weddings they have photographed. This will give you an idea of what they can offer you. You also need to ask about their pricing since this will be important to your wedding budget.


Another essential part to having a great Bali wedding is the food. Before you go to hire a caterer, you need to decide ahead of time what type of food you want to serve. The wedding hour/time will play a big role in helping you choose what you will serve.

There will be hundreds of caterers to choose from, and just like choosing a photographer; you will want to ask about pricing to make sure they have a package that fits into your budget. You will also want to utilize some of their experience to get ideas on the types of food to serve. A great caterer will be able to work with your ideas to ensure you have exactly what you’re looking for.


The venue is arguably one of the biggest parts of any wedding. While many couples choose to get married on the beach, you may choose to have the reception elsewhere. It is important to understand the capacity, pricing and policy for each venue you are interested in to make the best decision.

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All the best as you plan your wedding.


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