Basic Guides and Tips in Getting Married in Bali


If you have witnessed a good wedding anywhere in the world, it is largely because it was well planned. Planning for a wedding abroad sounds tough, but as long as you are working with a guiding checklist, you will do just fine.

Challenges in Getting Married Abroad
Before the planning can kick off, you need to come to terms with the fact that the wedding will be different in more than one way from any other wedding you have seen and challenges will vary too.

Some of the challenges that usually will come are:

  • It will most likely be more expensive than a local wedding.
  • Your family and friends may not support your decision to get married abroad.
  • You will be away from home and around strange settings, culture and language.
  • The amount of time required for the preparations may be much more than a local wedding.

If you as a couple are still excited and ready to face these challenges, then you can start planning with choosing and knowing about your
wedding destination.

get married abroad

Where and How to Get Married Abroad
Deciding on a destination is probably the easiest part of the planning, but also requires
careful consideration. An ideal destination can be reached at by considering issues such as:

Since you want the company of your friends and family, distance will determine how many of them can join you. The further it is, the higher the chances that your guests will be fewer. A nearby country will make it easier for more guests to attend your wedding.

There are some countries that offer affordable prices for marrying foreigners, while others are expensive. Your destination country will therefore be determined by your budget.

The language barrier may necessitate a translator for your guests and you may also need a translation of the documents being used.

get married abroad-languages

Access the safety history of various countries and choose the one you feel you will be safest. If a country has a good history of foreigners being treated well, you will be more at ease as compared to another which treats tourists badly.

If you are specific about the settings you want your wedding to be around, this factor will get you closer to the country you are looking for. This is because not every country is blessed with features of a perfect wedding such as cliffs, beaches, castles or even

Countries have distinctively different climatic conditions. You need to understand those climate types in order to choose a conveniently comfortable location.

Having an understanding of the cultural practices and taboos of a country will enable you to maintain a good relationship with the nationals in question. An understanding of a foreign culture prevents you from getting into awkward situations.

Confirm public holidays of potential destination countries and avoid working around those days. They may make the fulfillment of
marriage legal requirements complicated.

Legal Papers
Once you have a destination of your preference, you will need to familiarize yourselves with the legalities of that country.

Some countries require residency, which will then mean you need to become a resident for some days prior to the wedding. Other countries require specific documents in order to marry foreigners.

Some of the possible documents that you may be required to submit include; passports, immunization records and embassy consent letters. Most importantly, be familiar with the allowed wedding procedures and the deadlines to beat for the paperwork submission.

Do Research
Planning your wedding in
a foreign country can be be intimidating, but it doesn’t mean you have to let go your once in a lifetime happiness. Keep doing research on how couples all of over the world successfully make it happen. Don’t let one source of searching be your standard in deciding things.

Are you getting married abroad? Have you plan the wedding? Which destination did you chose? Share with us your happiness by commenting below.


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