Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Wines



Planning a wedding is not only filled with a ton of tasks to do, but also a whole bunch of decisions to make. From the type of flowers to have arranged to the type of food to have served; from the kind of music to be played to the type of refreshments to offer guests and so on.

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Wines

Decisions can be hard to make, especially when you want to plan the best wedding that is going to be both a success and a memorable event. So when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding day wines, here are some tips that will help you make that decision well:

1. Reconnoiter Your Menu

What meals will you serve your guests? What you want to do is have wine that is going to compliment the food that will be served at your wedding. There are those wines that go well with certain foods while others don’t.

wedding wines match the wedding menus

2. Think about the Season and the Time

The season in which you plan to hold your wedding will have a definite impact on the choice of wines that will be appropriate. Also, the day of the week and time of day at which the event is going to take place should direct you towards the right choice of wine. Certain wines are perfect for the cold weather while others are great for summer. Also, most people will drink more in the evening than during the day, and if the following day is a working day, then the alcohol content is going to matter.

3. Organize a Tasting party

Nothing can match the power of taste, not even the fancy wine bottles or the colorful labels. Your own taste buds can help you choose the wines that will make your wedding day perfect. Buy several types of wine and have a small tasting party with family and friends, and they will help you make the right wines_tasting party

4. Don’t Rely too much on Price for the Decision

The price should neither put you off nor sway your decision on which wines to buy. A lower price is not necessarily an indicator for low quality; neither is a high price an assurance of quality. If you use price as a guide, you might spend a fortune thinking that you are going to impress your guests, only to leave them with a bad taste in their mouths literally.

5. Seek Expert Advice

Experience is always the best guide, and therefore you can ask caterers and wedding planners about this matter. These people have made a career out of planning and organizing weddings and therefore they would know the perfect wedding day wines that will work for you.

6. Make Sure to Get Enough

It is always better to have more than enough that to have less than adequate. Even with the consideration that not all guests will drink the wine, to be on the safe side assume each guest will take half a bottle and provide as much.

Let Us Help You, then..

Making that once in a life time memorable moment, you will need to work every single detail, including the wines’ detail.

We do hope those tips above will be able to help you selecting and choosing the best wines for your wedding. And if you are having a plan to marry in this beautiful Bali island, let us help you to provide you and your guests the best wine selections for your best ever day.


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