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Tips to Choose Wedding Dress Accessories Part 2


  This is part two of the previous article on choosing wedding dress accessories. When choosing accessories to complement your wedding gown, you may be spoilt for choice because a gown is not your everyday fashion item. Here are some quick tips to help you select the right accessories that will make you stand out […]

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Tips to Choose Wedding Dress Accessories Part 1


  Although your wedding dress may be the biggest element of style for your big day, it is not enough as you will need to choose accessories that complement it perfectly. Ultimately, your choice of accessories could either break or make your dream gown. Thus, it is important to ensure you settle for the right […]

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A Complete Guide to Wedding Thank You Notes


  A written note goes a long way in showing someone that you appreciate something they gave or did for you. And just like any other form of writing, writing thank you notes can be an involving process. Okay, it is an involving process. First, there’s the gifts to sort – the more they are […]

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