Behind the scenes of planning a wedding.


Many people do not know how the process of a wedding starts until it is last carried out. In the following we will describe what happens before and on the wedding day. If this is a legal marriage in Indonesia usually 7-14 days before the wedding day, the bridal couple will come to Bali (Indonesia). […]

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Wedding Packages in Bali


We all know that Bali is a great place to have a wedding and so being free and creative is a real bonus. A fix wedding package can sometimes be hard for you to express yourself. We give our clients the freedom to choose a wedding location, decoration according to the preferred theme, catering or […]

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5 Simple steps to do a Bali Wedding


Getting married in Bali is the dream of most lovers. Both for Indonesians and foreigners. If you are ready to continue your relationship to the marriage level, here are brief steps that you can do to get married in Bali: Looking for a wedding planner.  Currently the most popular search engine is Instagram and Google. […]

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top three bali wedding venue types

Bali Wedding Venues


Every couple deserves the dream setting for their special day. In this week’s Bali Wedding Blog, we present to you the three most popular Wedding Venues in Bali. Whether you prefer sweeping seascapes, or lush tropical gardens, Bali offers some truly stunning wedding venues for you to choose from. Bali Beach Wedding Venues Bali is […]

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Choosing your Bali Wedding Planner

Choosing a Wedding Planner in Bali


Over the last ten years, Bali has seen a huge increase in its popularity as a wedding destination. Thousands of couples from across the world are choosing Bali as the perfect holiday paradise for their wedding ceremonies. As a result, dozens of new wedding planning businesses have cropped up, complicating the matter of choosing a […]

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Wedding Suits – to Buy or to Rent?


To buy or to rent – What’s best for the groom? Even if you’re getting married on a hot tropical island, your best shorts won’t make a good choice as your wedding attire. You’ll probably want to put on some formal wear to meet your bride for the biggest day of your life. If you’re […]

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Why hire a wedding planner

Four reasons to hire a wedding organizer


4 Reasons to use a professional wedding organizer Planning the perfect wedding takes a lot of time and hard work. Good wedding consultants have planned hundreds of ceremonies and perfection comes with practice. They’ve got the right contacts, know who to talk to; they know the best prices and they are aware of what should, […]

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Bali Exclusive Wedding Team


A native from Canada, Stacey Hannah has been in Bali for the past eight years and is the founder of Bali Exclusive Wedding. He is responsible for some of the most impressive weddings ever held on the island. Stacey enjoys using his inventive spirit and keen eye for style to produce some truly unique ceremonies […]

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