get married abroad in bali

Basic Guides and Tips in Getting Married in Bali


If you have witnessed a good wedding anywhere in the world, it is largely because it was well planned. Planning for a wedding abroad sounds tough, but as long as you are working with a guiding checklist, you will do just fine. Challenges in Getting Married Abroad Before the planning can kick off, you need […]

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married in bali-beach wedding

Why Get Married In Bali? – Part 2


  If you have romanticizing to get married in this exotic paradise after reading the beauty of married in Bali, then let us help you first with the clues of the following details that you need to know before landing the proposal. How Much Does It Cost? With all the wedding options available and the […]

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exotic bali wedding

Why Get Married in Bali? – Part 1


  People searching for a romantic and visibly exotic place to get married in always give one answer to this question. Bali!     Why Bali? Bali remains a top choice for many people who have found their soul mates and now want nothing else apart from tying the knot on the world’s best island […]

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wedding ceremony seating

Wedding Ceremony Seating


  We all know that families are complicated. There is always one person fighting with another which means that things can get difficult at the best of times. This is perhaps most evident when you start making plans for your wedding. With that in mind, below are a few tips to help you with what […]

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budget friendly wedding

Wedding Tips for Budget Friendly Brides


  Planning a perfect wedding day can be quite costly. From the wedding gown to the food, venue, flower arrangement and decor, there are many expenses associated with weddings. Subsequently, different wedding vendors offer their products and services at varied rates. As such, it is wise to have a budget that will guide your wedding […]

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feature - things I wish I knew before wedding

8 Things I Wish I Knew Before My Wedding


  There’s a first time for everything, even for planning your wedding. Only in this case, the first time is the only chance you get, so you better do it right. Things You need to Realize Earlier Before Wedding Here are 8 things I realized only too late. Keep them in mind and you will […]

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mobile apps for wedding

6 Mobile Apps for Planning your Wedding Day


Although getting married is often considered magical, the process of planning the wedding is demanding. This is because it involves making bookings, juggling budgets, getting suppliers, preparing guest lists, sending out invites and preparing playlists, among other things. While you needed to do this manually a couple of years ago, the introduction of mobile apps […]

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5 Red Flags to Spot on Wedding Vendor Contracts


Planning a wedding isn’t easy, especially if you’ve decided to do it without a professional wedding planner. You’ll have to deal with the wedding-vendors yourself and a lot of details can go unnoticed, especially when it comes to vendor contracts. Red Flags For Wedding Vendor If you want to be sure of your vendors, watch […]

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