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Bali is known for its vast attractions in terms of natural resources, the food and the culture. Being in Bali is like holding a feast for the mind, the spirit and the body at the same time.

It is amazing that despite the small size, the island sure offers a reason for one to visit and experience the richness of the scenery, the extraordinary cuisine and the truly interesting culture that is endowed with both modern and ancient elements.

And talking about the culture, you cannot fail to mention the famous Balinese blessing ceremony.

Balinese blessing wedding ceremony

What is the Balinese Blessing Ceremony?

This is a spiritual ceremony held by the Balinese for couples who are willing to let in a spiritual aspect into their union. The ceremony involves three main offerings after which the ceremony ends with wishing the couple a prosperous future.

These are:

• A purification offering

• An offering to welcome good spirits

• A final individual

During the ceremony, the officiator is hard chanting mantras in Sanskrit.

As a couple, this not only purifies and unifies you but also gives you a chance to experience one of the most exclusive Bali customs and culture elements.

The ceremony is non-legal and is most popular with couples that choose to be in legal marriage unions. Couples looking to experience this unique and special aspect of the Balinese culture and want to get into legal marriages in the future can also have the ceremony performed for them.

This is therefore a good chance for those engaged and expecting to get married in the near future to experience one of the purest cultures still being practiced while they evoke the spirits to guard their union and guide them towards making their marriage a legal union.

The Process

As mentioned, this is a spiritual ceremony. It is conducted by a Mangku (a Balinese priest).

The ceremony lasts about half an hour and here is the breakdown of events that lead to a successful ceremony.

  1. The Mangku has a bell that he twinkles as a calling to God to inform him that there is a sacred ceremony to be performed in a few minutes.
  2. The couple receives burnt rice, holy water and a dadap leaf as a sign of cleansing and purification of the spirit and body. Any sins committed in the past are symbolized by bamboo stalks and burnt by the assistant priest.
  3. Holy water is administered to each of the couple’s chests.
  4. Coconut water is administered to their heads and they get some to drink using their hands and after that some more to wipe the top of their heads with.
  5. The couple prays and moves near the fire source after the prayer.
  6. The assistant priest fills a bamboo cylinder with floral water from the shell of a coconut. This is as a symbol of strain on past wrongdoing shadows. The couple gurgles the water thrice.
  7. The couple then goes round the table with the offerings three times.
  8. They then throw a palm leaf ball as a symbol of cheerful communication and cooperation.
  9. To symbolize a new phase in life, they tear a pandanus arrangement and step on an empty shell (coconut) with an egg in it. This is to signify that they are entering into the union as one.
  10. They then cut a thread to symbolize entrance into a new phase of life together.
  11. They sit and rice is put on their palms’ backs.
  12. The priest has a duck kiss both their foreheads thrice then lowers it to feed on the rice – also three times – then brings a chicken and repeats the process.
  13. The couple then treats each other to any fruit and cake as a symbol of continued care and love for each other.

Tradtional Balinese wedding ceremony

This Balinese ceremony is a beautiful ceremony to be part of and only one of the many different kinds of ceremonies that are held here. So come and visit the magnificent island of the gods and indulge in the rich culture and many traditions Bali has to offer.


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