Bali Weddings? Where to start?


I wanted to help all of you who are planning to get married in Bali with some useful information. What I am going to do is tell you about the right time and the right place to get married in Bali. I am also going to touch on the subject of wedding planners, something I know a little bit about!

When to have a wedding in Bali?

Bali is a beautiful island at any time of year but there are definitely things to keep in mind when planning your wedding in Bali. For sure you want to know that the nicest weather in Bali is generally from April through to October although it’s the weather, you can’t take it for granted. If you plan to come in July, August and even early September then you need to understand that it is high season in Bali and hotels and villas are going to be much more expensive than the rest of the year.

Bali Weddings - where to get started in Bali

Which Wedding Venue in Bali?

There are many options when it comes to thinking about a wedding venue. There is not just one option that is right for everyone. In Bali we have a number of options from Villa Weddings, Hotel Weddings, Chapel Wedding s and the most famous wedding on the beach.

1. Villa Weddings

By far our preferred choice of venue for any wedding in Bali! There are many spectacular villas in Bali that offer a superb location for a wedding in Bali. Villa weddings can be a little more complex to arrange but this offers no issue for an expert wedding planner. Most villas cater for 30 – 100+ guests and can handle all caterers and any entertainment that you wish to include in the big day. Villa’s do tend to be more expensive than other options but they offer a unique option for your wedding.

2. Hotel and Resort Weddings

Hotel weddings are different to the villa style wedding in that everything is arranged for you. There is no need to worry about choosing vendors; everything is all in one place under one package. Be careful with hotel weddings, the biggest downfall would be that there will be other people in the hotel so you do not truly have a private wedding.

3. Chapel Weddings

We have a few beautiful chapels in Bali that also offer a really nice location to do your wedding ceremony. Due to the uniqueness and scarceness of these chapels they tend to be rather expensive. With a chapel wedding you still need to think about your reception and accommodation, although some chapels do handle the catering for you ar their venue.

4. Beach Weddings

Lastly we have the beach wedding option which may seem like a great option for many of you but there are always items to be aware of. Firstly, no beach is private so if you are hoping to get away from everyone then this is definitely not the option. You also need to think about the location for the reception which can be challenging. Most nice beaches have quality locations near to them, so organizing with some of those restaurants may be feasible. Consider the weather also, the last thing you want is nowhere to keep dry if you do have a sudden downpour.

These are the four main wedding venues we have in Bali. As I mentioned before, I like the Villa Wedding as you have fantastic surroundings and a really private location.

Wedding Planner

As with any wedding, do you go for a wedding planner or not?

A wedding is a big event and having a wedding planner may seem like an expensive luxury but when you are getting ready on your wedding day you don’t want to have to deal with small things, like the welcome drinks not being ready.

A wedding planner will always cost you more than doing it yourself, but it is your big day and so make it go much smoother and relaxing and pay for someone else to handle the stress.

Research, Research and more research.

Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life so make sure you do your research so that all the details are covered.

And once that is done….enjoy!


Led by Managing Director Stacey Hannah, Bali Exclusive Wedding is recognized as Bali’s top wedding planning and consulting service. Stacey has spent many years in Bali looking after the finest Villa weddings that Bali has to offer. His experience and commitment make him a great person to seek out if you are looking to get married in Bali.

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