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Every couple deserves the dream setting for their special day. In this week’s Bali Wedding Blog, we present to you the three most popular Wedding Venues in Bali. Whether you prefer sweeping seascapes, or lush tropical gardens, Bali offers some truly stunning wedding venues for you to choose from.

Bali Beach Wedding Venues

Bali is renowned the world over for its beaches. This leads most people to think of a beach wedding first when considering their Bali wedding venue options. It’s for good reason, because the beach weddings we have been involved with as Bali’s top wedding planner have been truly remarkable occasions.

Most weddings that take place on the beach are done on the property of a luxury villa or seaside resort. Having your wedding on a beach in Bali carries a few special considerations, all of which we are happy to guide you through as your wedding planner. We’ll go over questions like:
What time should your ceremony start to ensure you get the best light for your photos?
What comfort considerations should you consider for your guests?

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Bali Clifftop Wedding Venues

In addition to the beach wedding venues, clifftop sites round out the seaside offerings here in Bali. Along the West coast of Bali, there are soaring cliffs, upon which some of the best weddings on the island have been conducted.

With the gentle crash of breaking waves dozens of meters below and the golden sunset reaching out over the water, a clifftop wedding venue can provide the remarkable backdrop for a wedding ceremony to remember. Some of the most sought after clifftop venues feature vistas which offer coastal views for kilometers in both directions.

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Bali Garden Wedding Venues

If you would like to get away from the sand and sun, head further inland where Bali offers amazing garden settings for your dream wedding. In South Bali, many private villas await to offer you and your wedding party an experience like no other. In most cases, the wedding ceremony and reception are held at the same private property, ensuring a convenient and memorable occasion for all.

Moving further to the north, as you get into the mountains and the tourist center of Ubud, the climate cools and offers a welcome respite from the typical Bali heat. Many garden weddings in this central region of the island offer panoramic views of lush jungle valleys with the backdrop of dramatic volcanoes looming in the distance.

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No matter what your preference for your Bali wedding, our team here at Bali Exclusive wedding is ready to assist you in making the day of a lifetime. We invite you to contact us to start one of the most important conversations you will have in the planning of your wedding.


Led by Managing Director Stacey Hannah, Bali Exclusive Wedding is recognized as Bali’s top wedding planning and consulting service. Stacey has spent many years in Bali looking after the finest Villa weddings that Bali has to offer. His experience and commitment make him a great person to seek out if you are looking to get married in Bali.

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