How to postpone marriage.


How to postpone marriage during the pandemic COVID-19 period. Currently the world is suffering from an epidemic. This has an impact on all industries, especially the tourism. Yes, we are all having a hard time. Many people have lost their jobs at this time. We are all hoping the world will be back to normal […]

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Behind the scenes of planning a wedding.


Many people do not know how the process of a wedding starts until it is last carried out. In the following we will describe what happens before and on the wedding day. If this is a legal marriage in Indonesia usually 7-14 days before the wedding day, the bridal couple will come to Bali (Indonesia). […]

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Wedding Packages in Bali


We all know that Bali is a great place to have a wedding and so being free and creative is a real bonus. A fix wedding package can sometimes be hard for you to express yourself. We give our clients the freedom to choose a wedding location, decoration according to the preferred theme, catering or […]

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5 Simple steps to do a Bali Wedding


Getting married in Bali is the dream of most lovers. Both for Indonesians and foreigners. If you are ready to continue your relationship to the marriage level, here are brief steps that you can do to get married in Bali: Looking for a wedding planner.  Currently the most popular search engine is Instagram and Google. […]

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6 Reasons why choose Bali Villa Wedding


Some people might like to hold their wedding in a luxury hotel or some outdoor space. Why not a private villa? these are the reason why you should choose private villa wedding. Let’s check them out. 6 Reasons why choose Private Villa Wedding More Privacy. It is the most common reason for couples having their […]

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get married abroad in bali

Basic Guides and Tips in Getting Married in Bali


If you have witnessed a good wedding anywhere in the world, it is largely because it was well planned. Planning for a wedding abroad sounds tough, but as long as you are working with a guiding checklist, you will do just fine. Challenges in Getting Married Abroad Before the planning can kick off, you need […]

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married in bali-beach wedding

Why Get Married In Bali? – Part 2


  If you have romanticizing to get married in this exotic paradise after reading the beauty of married in Bali, then let us help you first with the clues of the following details that you need to know before landing the proposal. How Much Does It Cost? With all the wedding options available and the […]

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exotic bali wedding

Why Get Married in Bali? – Part 1


  People searching for a romantic and visibly exotic place to get married in always give one answer to this question. Bali!     Why Bali? Bali remains a top choice for many people who have found their soul mates and now want nothing else apart from tying the knot on the world’s best island […]

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