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We specialized in Bali Villa Wedding.

We are Bali wedding planner & organizer. We are planning and executing dream weddings and receptions at some of Bali’s finest private villas. We will work with you to ensure your vision is carried out to perfection. For your convenience, we have organized our recommended wedding venues by type.

Bali wedding garden villa:

Supremely manicured and quintessentially tropical, the garden villas offer our couples yet another fantastic wedding venue option. Being located just a few degrees from the equator, Bali is home to an abundance of tropical plants.  The villas we recommend for these wedding ceremonies maintain some of the most spectacular gardens in the world. Read more..

Bali wedding beach front villa:

Bali is world-renowned for its amazing white sandy beaches.  The call to get married in a private villa directly on the beach is irresistible to many couples.  We have several villas to choose from, all located right on the sand where you will enjoy the ceremony of a lifetime right next to  the waves. Read more..

Bali wedding cliff top villa:

Offering stunning panoramic views of Bali’s West Coast, these luxury villas have been the setting for some of the island’s most memorable marriage ceremonies.  Set high over the Indian Ocean, the sunsets seen from the cliff tops are often dramatic and add a unique ambiance to your ceremony and reception. Read more..

We have a range of villas that we use in Bali although we prefer to only use the best locations that will ensure your wedding in Bali goes with a bang! You can contact us for more details on the villas that we like to use.

"Together, we will plan your dream wedding and make it come true! "