5 Ideas for Bali Pre-wedding Photography


Hundreds of couples from across the world flock Bali for their pre-wedding photography. This is largely because of the enchanting culture, tropical climate, pristine beaches as well as the beautiful Balinese scenery that make for stunning locations for telling a love story.

If you are planning to do your pre-wedding photography in Bali, it is paramount to catch breath taking shots. As such, you first need to identify a theme and scenery that will make the concept come alive.

Tips For Bali Pre-wedding Photography

Here are 5 ideas for Bali pre-wedding photography that will not only infuse your personality in the shoot but also turn your story into a unique, unforgettable adventurous story:

1. Rice fields
Bali has expansive scenic rice fields. These fields offer the finest vantage point as they form splendid landscapes. The roadside location is particularly incredible. Although not so many people consider this idea, taking your pre-wedding photos here is definitely a great idea for Bali pre-wedding photography.

2. Temples
Bali is dotted with numerous temples as it is considered a spiritual haven and island of gods. Opting for a sunset shoot in the backdrop of a temple will give you a magnificent photo as it embraces the exotic and rustic side of Bali. This photography idea will definitely give your photos a lasting impression.

3. A ride to happily ever after
A horse ride at sunset is an excellent Bali pre-wedding idea that you can consider. Ladies will do well to put on a damsel in distress look while the gentlemen can go for a cowboy look. Not only can you ride your horse to the happily ever after in the direction of the setting sun but you can also consider a camel. Though quirky, camels recreate an exotic setting.

4. Vintage
Taking you pre-wedding photos in the backdrop of antiques adds a sense of timeless style to your photos. Vintage pre-wedding photo shoots can be achieved through donning knee length frocks from the fifties or having a retro vehicle as a prop among other things.

5. Light
You can use light as an enhancement for your Bali pre-wedding photography. Light may be used to capture either magnificent silhouette photos or spectacular night shots.

When planning your pre-wedding photography, always think out of the box. While beaches and other regular ideas are good, it is a refreshing to explore untapped ideas as the outcome will be unforgettable.


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