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A native from Canada, Stacey Hannah has been in Bali for the past eight years and is the founder of Bali Exclusive Wedding. He is responsible for some of the most impressive weddings ever held on the island. Stacey enjoys using his inventive spirit and keen eye for style to produce some truly unique ceremonies and receptions.

Stacey says, “It is our mission to ensure your day exceeds even the highest expectations. We will work with you tirelessly from beginning to end to make your dreams a reality.”

The Bali Exclusive Wedding Team is made up of four key members. Stacey and Tia have been working together for seven years and serve as the coordinators for all the weddings we plan. Tia is Indonesian and a team consultant, coordinator and Bali Exclusive Weddings Company administrator. She has coordinated multiple wedding events and has a passion for making people happy- especially the bride. Many brides become friends with Tia and she regularly receives great positive feedback from our clients.

Each team member plays an important role in every event. As your event unfolds, our team will be working behind the scenes, communicating via two-way radio, and ensuring everything stays on schedule for you and your wedding guests. Team communication is a real focus for us to ensure that everything we have planned takes place exactly how the couple expects.

Bayu is Indonesian and he is our IT consultant looking after all the technical tasks that are related to our office and our wedding events. He has been with us for the past two years. During events, Bayu specializes in computerized design layouts for ceremony set up, dinner reception layout, staging, dance floor, lighting etc. Bayu also works with our sound and lighting vendors to ensure the right music is played at the right time for every event. If there is a special song to be played at a special time Bayu will get the job done.

Viana is another one of our wedding coordinators, working hard to ensure all the little details are managed perfectly. She has been with us for two years as well. She also has the task of looking for new Villas that have potential to host a wedding. She also plays an important role in weddings where ever we may need as in sound and lighting, or greeting guests as they arrive.


Led by Managing Director Stacey Hannah, Bali Exclusive Wedding is recognized as Bali’s top wedding planning and consulting service. Stacey has spent many years in Bali looking after the finest Villa weddings that Bali has to offer. His experience and commitment make him a great person to seek out if you are looking to get married in Bali.

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