5 Red Flags to Spot on Wedding Vendor Contracts


Planning a wedding isn’t easy, especially if you’ve decided to do it without a professional wedding planner. You’ll have to deal with the wedding-vendors yourself and a lot of details can go unnoticed, especially when it comes to vendor contracts.

Red Flags For Wedding Vendor

If you want to be sure of your vendors, watch out for these five ‘red flags’:
Bali wedding contract

1. Clause prohibiting you from giving a review of the vendor after the wedding

You have the right to give your honest opinion on the vendor’s services. If such a clause is included in a wedding-vendor’s contract, you probably shouldn’t sign it. It is likely to be a sign that they’ve had many bad reviews in the past and are not looking to get anymore. Reviews from previous customers are the best way to check on the services of a vendor before hiring them. Look for a vendor who has been publicly reviewed.

2. It’s in the details

Go through the details of your contract and ensure that everything is spelt out as you agreed to it with the vendor. Be sure to read the entire contract before signing it.

3. Wrong time and date

Missing a little detail such as time and date on your contract as a result of a typo can result in disaster. Go through your contract and ensure that your vendor is booked for the right date and time. Wedding vendors often have multiple appointments, especially during peak seasons. Ensure that deliveries will be done in good time and on the right day by confirming the date and time with the vendor.

4. High minimum number of guests

Some vendors include a minimum number of guests that they’ll require in order for them to honor the pricing on the contract. It is important to ensure that you give yourself some room to breathe in case some of your invited guests don’t turn up. If, for example, a vendor’s minimum guest number is 200 and you’ve invited 220 guests, you may find yourself in a bind if 80 guests don’t turn up. Ensure the number listed on the contract is as low as possible.

5. Extreme cancellation clauses

You may be sure of your wedding date and time, but anything can happen to cause you to have to cancel the entire event. Check the cancellation clause in the contract. Are the deposits non-refundable? How many days or weeks of notice are required for you to be eligible for a refund? Most vendors require notice of at least 60 days in order to give a refund for services.

If you’re not sure about anything, have this clarified with the vendor. Ensure you know what you’re getting yourself into when you sign the contract.


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