balinese blessing ceremony

Balinese Blessing Ceremony


  Bali is known for its vast attractions in terms of natural resources, the food and the culture. Being in Bali is like holding a feast for the mind, the spirit and the body at the same time. It is amazing that despite the small size, the island sure offers a reason for one to […]

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Natasha & Jason Sunset Photo

Natasha & Jason’s wedding organized by Bali Exclusive Wedding


  In May 2015, Bali Exclusive Wedding had organized a magnificent Bali wedding for Natasha & Jason. The festivities were held at The Istana, a beautiful cliff-top setting luxurious villa in Uluwatu, which was the perfect venue for the couple to celebrate their bond of love. They exchanged their vows in an elegant Western style […]

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thank you notes for wedding

A Complete Guide to Wedding Thank You Notes


  A written note goes a long way in showing someone that you appreciate something they gave or did for you. And just like any other form of writing, writing thank you notes can be an involving process. Okay, it is an involving process. First, there’s the gifts to sort – the more they are […]

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feature pic - wedding in rain

A Wedding in the Rain, What to Do and Prepare


  We all want a perfect wedding. So we oversee everything: The guest list, the food, the décor, the location and pretty much every detail. But there is one thing we don’t have control over. The weather! Many people really want to avoid having a wedding in the rain because they think it will ruin […]

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