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7 Helpful Tips to be on Time for Your Wedding


  When you put a lot of effort and time planning your wedding, it is only proper that you be on time on your special day. Being late is not only stressful for the bride, groom and guests, but can also ruin the mood of the day. Setting out on time is not just about […]

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feature - things I wish I knew before wedding

8 Things I Wish I Knew Before My Wedding


  There’s a first time for everything, even for planning your wedding. Only in this case, the first time is the only chance you get, so you better do it right. Things You need to Realize Earlier Before Wedding Here are 8 things I realized only too late. Keep them in mind and you will […]

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mobile apps for wedding

6 Mobile Apps for Planning your Wedding Day


Although getting married is often considered magical, the process of planning the wedding is demanding. This is because it involves making bookings, juggling budgets, getting suppliers, preparing guest lists, sending out invites and preparing playlists, among other things. While you needed to do this manually a couple of years ago, the introduction of mobile apps […]

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5 Red Flags to Spot on Wedding Vendor Contracts


Planning a wedding isn’t easy, especially if you’ve decided to do it without a professional wedding planner. You’ll have to deal with the wedding-vendors yourself and a lot of details can go unnoticed, especially when it comes to vendor contracts. Red Flags For Wedding Vendor If you want to be sure of your vendors, watch […]

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Things parents love at weddings

4 Things All Parents Love at Weddings


Although your wedding day isn’t about pleasing your parents, there are some elements that you can easily incorporate that they’ll love. Of course, this will depend on your budget, but none of these suggestions are that expensive. Plus, this, really, is the least you can do, especially if they’re the ones paying for your wedding. […]

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