Makeup and Hair Styling for the perfect wedding in Bali


As you can imagine there are many companies and individuals in Bali who offer makeup and hair styling for your wedding day. The price range varies from the ridiculously cheap to the incredibly expensive. Whatever your budget, the main consideration needs to be the quality of product and so finding out the right business or […]

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Choosing your Bali Wedding Planner

Choosing a Wedding Planner in Bali


Over the last ten years, Bali has seen a huge increase in its popularity as a wedding destination. Thousands of couples from across the world are choosing Bali as the perfect holiday paradise for their wedding ceremonies. As a result, dozens of new wedding planning businesses have cropped up, complicating the matter of choosing a […]

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Beautiful skin on your wedding day

Preparing your skin for the big day


Every bride wants to look her best for the big day so I thought a few suggestions were in order on how to make your skin look stunning for the biggest day of your life. Secrets to beautiful skin The key to looking perfect for your wedding in Bali to have that perfect glowing skin. […]

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Wedding Package are not the best option for your wedding in Bali

A wedding is not just a package!


How many of you have looked at a wedding package offered by a hotel or a large wedding company? I am guessing quite a few! The idea of getting all of your wedding organized in just one place can sound like a really good idea although, as with everything, there are a number of considerations […]

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