Wedding decoration tips


All you groomsmen out there may not like this but we all know that the focal point of any wedding is the bride! That’s right, everyone wants to see how beautiful she looks in her dress, how is her hair and makeup, what is her bouquet like? A great way to enhance the impact of […]

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Bali Wedding Report: Lisa & Niall

Once again we keep you up to date with our latest wedding in Bali. Lisa & Niall Nationalities: Irish Date: July 25th 2014 Wedding Type: Beach Front Villa Villa Location: Villa Phalosa Weather: Sunny and warm, light breeze 28 – degrees Bridal party: 4 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen. Celebrant: Thompson Manafe Attendees: 56 Ceremony time: […]

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Bali Wedding Report: Rami & Meena


Our Bali Wedding Reports section continues to grow this week as we keep you updated on all of the amazing cliff top and private villa weddings here at Bali Exclusive Wedding. Rami & Meena Nationalities: Egyptian Date: July 24th 2014 Wedding Type: Cliff Top Villa Wedding Villa Location: Villa Bayuh Sabbha Weather: Sunny and warm, […]

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Food tasting – what you need to know


Food tasting – what you need to know Wedding planning can be a busy time, but you should make sure to find a moment to taste your food. The catering usually consumes the largest percentage of your budget, so it’s important to make sure that the food is just like you want to serve it […]

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Bali Wedding Report: Sara & Andrew


This week, we are happy to continue reporting on all the different weddings that are going on here at Bali Exclusive Wedding. Sara & Andrew Date: April 6th 2014 Wedding Type: Cliff Top Villa Wedding Villa Location: Villa Ambar Semara Uluwatu Weather: Sunny and warm, light breeze 28 – degrees Bridal party: 2 Groomsmen, 2 […]

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Why hire a wedding planner

Four reasons to hire a wedding organizer


4 Reasons to use a professional wedding organizer Planning the perfect wedding takes a lot of time and hard work. Good wedding consultants have planned hundreds of ceremonies and perfection comes with practice. They’ve got the right contacts, know who to talk to; they know the best prices and they are aware of what should, […]

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Bali Wedding Report: Allyson & Andrew


We continue reporting on Bali’s most amazing villa weddings with this week’s Bali Wedding Report about Allyson and Andrew. Allyson & Andrew Nationalities: Australia and British Date: March 20th 2014 Wedding Type: Cliff Top Villa Wedding Villa Location: Villa Pawana (Ceremony), Villa Ambar (Reception) Weather: Sunny and warm, light breeze 27 – degrees Bridal party: […]

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Bali Villa Weddings – Why get married in a Villa?


Now you have decided about getting married in Bali, you’ve got some major decisions to make. For so many reasons, Bali is a wonderful place to get married. The Island is constantly voted as one of the World’s most beautiful wedding destinations along with being a world famous holiday destination. But there is one big […]

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Bali Wedding Report: Sonya & Judd


Starting this month we are adding a Bali wedding report for each wedding that we conduct here at Bali Exclusive Weddings. We would like to share some of the details of the wedding with you and if you were at the wedding then please leave your comments at the bottom of the page. Sonya & […]

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