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10 Ways to Guarantee an Exciting Wedding

Your wedding day is a special and happy day. Therefore, everyone needs to be happy and celebrate with you. Right? The truth is that when not properly planned, your wedding can be out rightly boring.

Make Sure Your Wedding Is Not Boring!

Here are 10 ways to make sure your wedding isn’t boring.

Make introductions

Weddings bring together different sets of families and friends. That is, a big group of people who do not know each other hence find it awkward making small talk. This can end up making your big day boring because they cannot keep conversations going and are not relaxed.

Friends who have bonded will keep the conversations and laughter going hence setting the right mood for the day. Great conversation and the sounds of laughter are hallmarks of an exciting wedding.

Stick to your schedule

While being at your wedding is a privilege for the guests, be sure to honor them by sticking to the schedule. This minimizes chances of having guests having to idle around as they wait.

If you are going to take your formal photos as the guests wait, you can consider setting up a lounge where guests can mingle as they nibble on some snacks and great music. This keeps the atmosphere alive.

Limit speeches

Although everyone may have well wishes and words of encouragement to say, your wedding day is not a day for speeches. Speeches will only make the day excruciating and soon you will have guests taking glances at their watches.

It even gets worse if they have not eaten thus you will do well to minimize speeches altogether. Be sure to limit the number (and length!) of speeches.

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Don’t let guests stay hungry

Whether you plan on serving lunch or dinner at the reception, it’s good to have your guests have something to bite as they wait for you to make that grand entrance in the venue. This eliminates chances of boredom setting in as they will stay refreshed.

Some of the items you can consider serving include cheese balls, macaroni and vegetable skewers.

Work on the seating chart

Having your guests sit around tables with people they know or like is a plus. In fact, it is a good way to keep conversations going. For instance, when you have friends you went to high school with sit at one table together, you can be sure they will be comfortable around each other and light up the day with lots of fun and laughter.

On the contrary, when you have a couple sit at a table with people they do not know then they will be bored and feel left out because they simply can’t fit in.

Take the venue into account

Although the choice of venue for your wedding is largely determined by your budget, you need to keep in mind that the reception venue will determine how well your guests will be entertained.

If your budget cannot allow you to go for exquisite venues, you may want to spruce up a rather bland venue with dramatic décor as well as specialty entertainment.

Have an exit strategy

In many cases, guests will leave the reception early to be able to get home safely. However, you can arrange for transport for your guests after the reception. This serves as an incentive for them to stay on and have fun to the end.

You can also consider having your reception in a hotel and block off the rooms for your guests so they will be relaxed and not worry about how they will get home.

Think beyond the cake

While the wedding cake is a staple for just about every wedding, you can expand the selection to cater for guests who have a sweet tooth. You may consider having a desert bar with a range of items from truffles, fruit platters, candies, cupcakes as well as simple delicacies like Oreos or other cookies.

The dessert bar can also be your wedding favor where guests pick up a snack for the road.

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