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Questions to Ask for Better Wedding Planning


You’re engaged! Congratulations. Planning a wedding for many couples can be a great experience that brings them even closer together. For other couples, the planning process may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Questions to answer when you get engaged 1. When do you want to get married? Deciding on your wedding date […]

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Take Control of Your Guest List


  He finally popped the question and the world seems a lot brighter. The birds are singing louder and colors are so much brighter. You have a clear picture of what your dream wedding will be like. You even know who you want to share the day with. You begin planning for your wedding and […]

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Tips to Choose Wedding Dress Accessories Part 2


  This is part two of the previous article on choosing wedding dress accessories. When choosing accessories to complement your wedding gown, you may be spoilt for choice because a gown is not your everyday fashion item. Here are some quick tips to help you select the right accessories that will make you stand out […]

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Tips to Choose Wedding Dress Accessories Part 1


  Although your wedding dress may be the biggest element of style for your big day, it is not enough as you will need to choose accessories that complement it perfectly. Ultimately, your choice of accessories could either break or make your dream gown. Thus, it is important to ensure you settle for the right […]

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How To Choose the Right Wedding band


  Live music could be a fantastic act on your wedding day. As long as you can get the right band, your party atmosphere will be awesome. The right band can drive your guests to stay in the party all night long. But finding the right wedding band is not easy. There are many things […]

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10 Ways to Guarantee an Exciting Wedding


  Your wedding day is a special and happy day. Therefore, everyone needs to be happy and celebrate with you. Right? The truth is that when not properly planned, your wedding can be out rightly boring. Make Sure Your Wedding Is Not Boring! Here are 10 ways to make sure your wedding isn’t boring. Make […]

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maid of honor speech

Bridesmaid and Maid of Honor Speeches


  Being a bridesmaid or a maid of honor is a huge privilege. Unlike before, today this role is more than just being there for the bride as you may be required to give a toast in honor of the newly wedded couple. This can be tricky especially if it is your first time. Bridesmaids […]

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The perfect vows

Write Wedding Vows that Wow


  Your wedding vows are your chance to declare your love and make a commitment to your significant other. They’re even more powerful when you decide to write them yourself. Every word counts, so you need to give ample consideration to every single sentence. Begin with the Declaration of Love This is not your chance […]

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Fire Dance Performance in Bali Wedding

Fire Dance Bali Wedding


A Fire Dance at your Bali Wedding Wouldn’t it be exotic if you got married in Bali near the beach in warm and beautiful weather? Wouldn’t it be even more fantastic if your wedding was entertained by fire dancers make your wedding cool? Bali Exclusive Wedding as one of the most leading and dedication Wedding Planner […]

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